Unleash the tiger with whiskeys and cognacs for Chinese New Year 2022

Shopping for whiskeys for Chinese New Year 2022?

In an extended blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year 2022 is ready to bend around the corner. A little over a month after the profusion of Christmas festivities where mulled wine and eggnog are drunk copiously, it’s another round of conviviality around whiskey (or cognac) and card games where the one tries one’s luck to exchange currency in Ang Pow- worthy returns.

Additionally, gifts are a much-vaunted Chinese New Year tradition. Presenting a valuable gift in an auspicious color like red or gold earns you valuable brownie points, making you a gracious guest. Along the same lines, regale your guest with fine liquids is what is expected of a generous host.

Naturally, it bears the question:

Which whiskeys and cognacs to buy for the 2022 Chinese New Year celebrations?

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Royal Salute Polo Estancia Edition

Equipped, exquisite and a beautifully crafted terracotta bottle, the highly prized limited edition Royal Salute draws from the barrel of Malbec wine from Argentina. Like all other Royal Salute whiskeys, where the precursors are aged for at least 21 years before being blended into a symphony, but unlike all the others, the Polo Estancia Edition is matured in wine barrels to achieve that unmistakable wine bouquet – light puffs of berries and chocolate – without departing from the typical flavor that characterizes whiskey.


Royal Salute Signature Blend

Royal Salute Signature Blend

Every Chinese New Year, Royal Salute aptly launches its flagship signature blend, presented in a festive artistic box, featuring a mix of expressive designs, in limited numbers. The Chinese New Year 2022 edition is a marriage of red and gold in many shades, while the bottle is infused with an alluring burgundy.

Royal Salute was originally created in 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The signature blend is a sumptuous orchestra of rich, fruity and sweet fragrance, and a hint of masculine smoke, spice and hazelnut.


The Macallan Night On Earth in Scotland

The Macallan Night On Earth in Scotland

The Macallan gears up for the festivities with a special Night on Earth in Scotland edition, uniquely created to sensorially transport a piece of Scotland to Malaysia. A collaboration with renowned French-Japanese illustrator Erica Dorn, the packaging evokes Dorn’s interpretations of the New Year through a unique lens of abstract art. This symbolic gift is crafted from a selection of sherry-seasoned American and European oak barrels from The Macallan, enriched with ex-American bourbon casks to deliver its smooth, sweet shortbread character.


John Walker & Son XR 21

John Walker & Son XR 21

Paying homage to the various Chinese clans that are an ingrained foundation of Malaysian society, the Legacy Collection XR 21 covers Hokkien, Cantonese, Teow Chew, Foochow, Hainan and Hakka, each radiating elements reflecting a particular Chinese clan on the packaging. Crafted from Johnnie Walker’s exclusive reserve of rare whiskies, all aged for 21 years, XR 21 is balanced and elegant, with a tangy, smooth and complex finish.


Martell VSOP aged in red barrels

Martell VSOP aged in red barrels

Red is synonymous with good fortune and no one will refuse your generosity if you offer them cognac aged in red barrels. The reason the barrel is red is because of the unique scarlet hue developed by the aged wood. Round but intense, the cognac blossoms in a bouquet of peaches and sweet spices thanks to the influence of the wood of the russet barrels.

Hennessy VSOP

Hennessy’s 2022 Chinese New Year Celebration is a cognac beautifully reimagined by Chinese artist Zhang Enli. Widely recognized for his abstract work revolving around the reimagining of mundane everyday objects, the prolific artist repackages into a canvas drawn from the force of nature, which the tiger embodies, through brush painting techniques. Chinese. The celebration version is available in several expressions – VSOP, XO and Paradise.

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