Vinilica vol. 114 – VOGA

Naples is home to much, much art.
It has always been a crossroads of different cultures, inspirations, sounds and images that are a little out of the ordinary. Almost as if over the centuries it had created a real micro-climate of its own, full of lights and shadows. And just under the enormous pressure of these lights and shadows, very often little diamonds like VOGA were born. With an openly overseas sound (and freshly signed to Columbia Records/Sony Music Italy), they are like real oxygen in a scene that risks suffocating at any moment. Confirming what was just said is their new single “Niente Di Personale”available November 4. Their business card consists of introspective lyrics, samples in the rhythms and light but introspective flows.

“The inspirations of “Niente Di Personale” are quite oriented in relation to the sound that we want to bring. It’s a transversal piece, living in the urban sphere, although crossed by pop. Everything we do and produce always has an urban constant. In this sense, “Niente Di Personale” is also our manifesto in terms of content, even if it is quite cheeky.

VOGA was born in 2019, between singer and producer Enrico Esposito and producer Lorenzo Biscione. After a series of interesting collaborations that gave us a broad understanding of their artistic and sound direction (Psychologists, Yung Snapp, MV Killa, CoCo), we can say with certainty that they did not disappoint expectations. While remaining faithful to a strong Neapolitan imagery that has always characterized them.

Given their many facets, decided to create a playlist in collaboration with them and understand their musical journey: “One of the sounds that inspires us the most comes from Toronto, so there’s a lot of Drake in the playlist. Our music, especially music that hasn’t been released yet, is almost 80% based on sampling, and that’s why Kanye West appears among the picks. We’ve also included artists who represent our more pop side, like Calvin Harris, although VOGA’s sounds are still contaminated with the urban. We can say that this playlist combines all the elements and musical nuances that you will hear in the tracks to come, without excluding the dancehall that belongs to us a lot.

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