We Silver Jewelry Wholesale Announces Year-End Sales, Asking Customers To Order Early

We Silver Jewelry Wholesale are planning their usual year-end sales and making an announcement a bit early in an attempt to educate customers to deliver on time before the holidays. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the shipping industry, often resulting in delays in the delivery of goods. As company CEO Tim Greene explained, this is the main reason the Houston-based wholesale jewelry supplier urges customers to hurry up and order.

“The Christmas season is important for retailers in terms of sales. Missing this period due to shipping delays will be a big hit in an area that is already overdue. The pandemic has largely affected deliveries around the world. There can be delays – something nobody wants when they rely on our wholesale silver jewelry to make good sales, especially during Christmas. And the pandemic is only one reason for the shipping delays. “

There is a series of events, changes and factors influencing the shipping industry. The recent energy crisis has already caused some nervousness in the markets and it is not unlikely that it will become the cause of strikes. Blockages, employee layoffs and external factors, such as the weather, are all major issues that can severely affect freight and thus delay the distribution of goods.

“The pandemic is the main reason for possible freight delays. The problem is, it doesn’t just happen. The virus has changed our lives and continues to do so, even though more than a year and a half has passed and millions of people are vaccinated. In some areas there are restrictions, limited manpower, customs – factors which can become the reason some customers may not receive their order as expected. And we must not leave aside the unforeseen, such as the weather. Or the current sky-rocketing energy prices, ”Greene said.

“And there is one more thing. In the midst of all of this, holiday shoppers are starting to hunt for freebies early. In addition, due to possible delays in delivery, some customers place actual wholesale orders, which also benefits them as they receive additional discounts, and therefore some items may be out of stock. It was the sum of all of the above that prompted us to come forward and announce our company’s year-end online jewelry wholesale sales, asking customers to place their orders early. The key is to get the items they want, the quantity they want, and most importantly, have them in time for the holidays.

While online shopping, even when we are talking about wholesale products, has rather increased during the pandemic, the timely delivery of goods is not in the hands of wholesalers. We Silver Jewelry Wholesale is correct in making this announcement, considering not only the problems in the shipping world, but also the business of shipping companies, especially in the pre-holiday period.

About us wholesale silver jewelry:

We Silver Jewels is a Houston-based online store that wholesalers jewelry around the world, providing retailers with many choices of quality items – the best value for money.

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