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“There was so much to learn …”

This line from the first pages of Dune expresses the frustration of the main character, Paul Atreides, as his powerful galactic family prepares to take control of the crucial spice-mining planet that gives the story its title. Generations of politics, warfare, diplomacy, subterfuge and strategy led them to this perilous takeover – and the situation only got worse from there. Like Paul, the average newcomer to the world of Dune may also feel overwhelmed.

The impenetrable aspects of Frank Herbert’s 1965 book have always been part of its appeal. For those who worship the universe, its Byzantine network of characters, allegiances, and stories is like a secret language that requires immersion and study to fully understand. This complexity also made the story almost impossible to successfully translate to screen.

Denis VilleneuveThe new adaptation of, released on October 22, may have finally solved the problem – literally – by splitting the novel in half and focusing only on the first part. (A sequel is planned if the first movie is a success.) Even so, the uninitiated may find themselves puzzled by the footage and trailers we’ve seen so far: What is this story about? Who are these people? Where and when is all this happening? It is only natural to feel lost in the midst of building such a vast world.

Vanity Show spoke with the director himself to guide us. “The way I see it, it’s a cult book, but we should do it like no one knows nothingSays Villeneuve, pointing out the double negative of his French-Canadian accent. “It’s a very complex world to embrace. “

The weather

Dune is thousands of years into the future, but its society is more like the medieval feudalism of centuries past.

In this world, wealthy noble families control the fate of countless worlds, their inhabitants and their resources. A Galactic Emperor presides over all of these factions, deciding which house oversees which world as a stronghold. Atreides.

What appears to be a gift is actually an effort by the Emperor to undermine a potential rival by pitting the Atreides family against the Harkonnen savages. “It’s a trap. It’s a montage,” explains Villeneuve. “It’s treason.”

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