Why did Sam Raimi do ‘Evil Dead’ twice?

Whether it’s your first watch or your hundredth, the first two films of the evil Dead The franchise can be a little weird when seen in a sequence. The sequel’s first seven minutes seem nearly identical to the original concept. It has baffled many fans over the years and opened up a slew of debates since its release in 1987. evil death 2 really a sequel? Or is the movie a remake? The answer is both, really.

As diabolical death star Bruce Campbell Put it on, it’s a “re-quel”. There are a few reasons, due to the particular similarities as to why Sam Raimi made the movie the original way he did.

What is the first “The Evil Dead” about?

The original 1981 movie diabolical death was a huge success in itself and a true triumph of independent cinema. The film follows a group of college students vacationing in a ramshackle cabin in the middle of nowhere where they discover the “Necronomicon Ex-Mortis” (AKA the Book of the Dead). Unsurprisingly, like college kids do in horror movies, they inadvertently unleash a flood of evil zombies – or Deadites – and are forced to fight for their lives. To sum it up, it’s a gory, gory party, crude horror shot in a guerrilla film style like no one has ever seen before. Raimi was known for inventing crazy new camera techniques to achieve his vision. Basically, it shouldn’t have worked. It was experimental, it was wacky. And yet, on its first night, a thousand patrons lined the block to see this film. It received an enthusiastic reception from the public and finally made its way to the Cannes Film Festival in 1982.


Fortunately for Raimi, Stephen King attended the Cannes screening and in an interview with USA Today named it one of his top five favorite horror films. This rave review caused diabolical deathto skyrocket, catching the interest of critics and audiences who would have otherwise dismissed it as a low-budget thriller.

Whereas diabolical death did well at the box office and received a favorable critical response, the film failed to establish Raimi as a prolific director. Six years later, with Raimi’s career on the rocks and his latest film, Crime wavea box office bomb, he produced the sequel that would effectively launch his stardom career.

Why make ‘Evil Dead 2’?

Initially, evil death 2 was created out of sheer desperation, as Raimi knew another flop like Crime wave would officially kill his already lagging career. The original idea for the sequel was what eventually became the franchise’s third installment, army of darkness, where the main character, Ash Williams, is sent through a time portal to the Middle Ages and encounters more Deadites. However, Raimi struggled to garner interest from production companies for funding and distribution with this premise. It wasn’t until Stephen King heard of his fight and saved again diabolical death of extinction. He contacted the industry giant Laurentiis Dino and convinced him to finance the film. De Laurentiis agreed with one stipulation – to keep the film similar to its predecessor.

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With that, evil death 2 was born, with ten times the budget of the first film and a larger and more experienced crew. Normally, such an anticipated sequel would be a recipe for disaster, and yet Raimi managed to turn it into something as incredible as its forerunner. The project brilliantly built on the pre-existing lore, sinister cabin-in-the-woods trope, and surreal camerawork that was praised by the original.

However, there was a setback. Raimi didn’t technically own any of the rights to his original film. He couldn’t use any of the previous images from diabolical death. Therefore, Raimi opted to redo his own recap of the first film. Initially, the script included the original five characters: Ash, Linda, Scott, Cheryl, and Shelly. However, due to time and money constraints, Raimi cut the others from the final draft and settled for Ash and Linda. Unfortunately, the actress who played Linda, Betsy Bakerwas pregnant at the time of filming, forcing Raimi to recast the role.

All of these decisions put together resulted in a somewhat confusing opening sequence. It looked like Ash had returned to the cabin with a new girlfriend in the sequel, either forgetting the previous horrors he endured or being forced back. He also doesn’t remember the events of the previous film, and none of his former friends are mentioned, but similar events do occur. They play a tape of incantations which resurrect a demonic entity, Linda is possessed and transformed into Deadite. When Linda is transformed, Ash is again forced to decapitate her and bury her alive.

How should I watch both movies?

Looking at it, it’s easy to conclude that maybe Ash was dumb enough to come back. Or simply that Raimi had decided to create a remake rather than a real sequel. The two movies didn’t seem to fit together at all. However, in an interview, Campbell explained the details of the two films’ actual connection. The best way to see movies, says Campbell, is to finish diabolical death to where Ash is about to be attacked by a demonic entity, then go to evil death 2cut out the seven-minute recap, and start the sequence where Ash is thrown through the air and lands in a puddle of mud. Seen as such, the sequel starts to make a lot more sense.

The rest of evil death 2 still follows a similar pattern to the original, in which a group of people staying at this cabin in the woods are tormented by Deadites, at the behest of de Laurentiis. Nevertheless, the sequel is still very different from the original. It expands on the lore, deepening the history of the Deadites through the research of archaeologist Raymond Knowby. evil death 2 also explores Ash’s character more deeply. In the first movie he was a considerate person who was forced to do horrible things to survive, but in the second movie something inside him snapped and he didn’t think twice before exploding. the possessed to pieces. Ash transformed from a shy man into a badass armed with a boomstick and a chainsaw.

So, even if it seems that Raimi created diabolical death twice, the two films blend together much better than you might think. We even get a glimpse of what Raimi originally planned for the sequel, with Ash being sucked into a portal to the Middle Ages at the end. That’s not to say the sequel (and the rest of the timeline) doesn’t have its fair share of inconsistencies. But the reason why the evil Dead The franchise has been around for so long due to its completely outrageous, campy, quirky, and hilarious nature. The absolute chaos and confusion of Evil Dead 2, whether it’s a sequel, a remake or a “re-quel”, it just works.

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